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People from the school and generally from Kiev that I met were very pleasant. It was a great motivation for me to learn the language in order to be able to communicate more with these people.

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It was interesting since it was the first time I was learning for myself and not just for a higher education examination. I recon the memories that will stay with me the longest is staying with an extremely welcoming family (Maxim and Lena Novak, whom I still stay in touch with). I thank NOVAMOVA for putting me in contact with them. Furthermore, unfortunately, the current situation in Ukraine prevents me from coming back even if I hope to come in the near future.

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Overall, I had an enjoyable time in Kiev and especially whilst attending the language course at NOVAMOVA. The vast choice of extra curricular activities helped me discover another it курсы киев side of Kiev – the cultural side. As a young chap, I found it quite strange but yet the maturity of the environment motivated me to stay in a studious state of mind.

I enjoyed cultural offerings of Kiev, really good and diverse offerings. Next time I would not choose this kind of accommodation, but not because I do not believe that this is good option for other pupils. Although our interests did not fit well, it was a good experience. «Solid program, great, friendly and helpful support staff, Юлия was terrific; could not have had a better class.»

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«It was very exciting to be with you, to live and stay, learn from you, very helpful and kind, no limit.» For housing I chose a private apartment over a host family because of my lifestyle. Though a host family would help me it курсы киев with culture and language practice, I like my own space and enjoy night life. I like to walk the streets at two in the morning and eat at 24 hour restaurants and night clubs. In Kiev, there is a daily schedule of activities.

These also include things like singing, cooking, and conversation club. In Odessa, the activities appear to focus around more adventure trips, but with the Black Sea nearby and with lots of tourist activities organized in the city every day, there is plenty to do. Overall, I really appreciated my trip, I met a wonderful girl from Kiev and I visited a lot of places with her. I don’t remember exactly the dates, but I have been there two times – once in 2012 and once in 2013.

I arrived in Kiev on the 12th of October and after few days I began the course at Lev Tolstoj Language School. I learned a lot about Russian language and culture. But at Lev Tolstoj Language School we were five people in class, each of us form a different country so it was easier to us to speak in Russian we other students and in particular with our the teacher Valeria. She was always ready to help when I have questions or doubts.

Long-term courses are taught by the teacher and founder of the school Tatyana Verbitskaya. The teacher is fluent in French and at least 6 times a year undergoes training and upgrades qualifications from French chefs. My level of Russian was already good (B2) and here, thanks to the professionalism of teachers, I succeeded in improving even more my level. The teacher are really professional, always in time and always ready to help you.

The groups are small, so it almost feels like you are being tutored privately. For those who really want to sink their teeth into learning the languages, individual lessons are available.

The organization of the school is awesome, they always try to do what’s best for you. Any questions I had about the city or where to buy something were answered. I look forward to my it курсы киев next visit which is to be expected. Learning a new language is not like memorizing dates you read in a history book. It needs to be developed through time, usage, and experience.

  • In Russian, adding an adjective, gender, or even a preposition, will change the spelling of the noun.
  • The research is based on the principles and methods of historicism, systemic nature, scientific objectivity, logical and historical unity.
  • But I want a challenge; something different; something new.
  • I did not learn as much as I would have liked, but I guess that is to be expected.

There was a lot of hair on the carpet in my room, and dirty in the corners -ingrained dirt that had not been addressed for a very long time. I was specifically told by the manager of the rooming – that the place would be cleaned once per week. This never happened in the 3 weeks I was there -not even once.

In the end I think it was a very good investment and I’m happy about the experience. In 1862, for the first time systematically gave a lecture on the operational calculation and applied it to solve the differential equations. In 1871, Mikhail Vaschenko-Zakharchenko married Vera Nikolayevna Mel’nickaya (1840—1895) from Tver noble family. Vera Vaschenko-Zakharchenko has founded in Kiev the first private Gymnasium for women. Since 1867 — a professor of the Kiev University.

Not only do we practice speaking skill during lesson, we also study grammar rules and vocabulary. The teachers and non-academic staff all know what they are doing. They are clearly proud of their school and happy to work with students. The setting is quite informal, but students have to work hard also. This means they are respected by their management and this creates a positive atmosphere in the classroom.

The exercises which we did during Friday morning, they were presented at a time when concentration was peak, with plenty of scope for guidance when required. — interesting projects work in a team of professional enthusiasts.

I did not learn as much as I would have liked, but I guess that is to be expected. In Russian, adding an adjective, gender, or even a preposition, will change the spelling of the noun. But I want a challenge; something different; something new.

The Sheets were changed weekly – which was fine -but that’s all. Also I didn’t actually have a bed -but a sofa bed which was not exactly that comfortable in honesty (Quite hard in the middle). The airport transfers were more expensive than they should be. It would have been cheaper to get a taxi but the taxis in Kiev are a bit of a lottery too, unfortunately.

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it курсы киев

Invensis Learning’s PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Course in Kiev is delivered by highly qualified trainers with extensive Project Management experience. This AXELOS’s PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification is one of the most industry-recognized project management certifications for project practitioners all across the world. My teacher was good and especially rigorous to me.

From the start of 1870s Vaschenko-Zakharchenko began to read the course of the projection geometry, and from 1878 — the course of non-Euclidean geometry (basics of the Lobachevsky geometry). In 1880 he published the translation of Beginnings of Euclid with a big introduction where were viewed the main principles of the hyperbolic geometry. Mikhail Vaschenko-Zakharchenko was married on Vera Nikolayevna Vaschenko-Zakharchenko (née Mel’nickaya), the founder of the First Private Kiev Gymnasium for women. After taking this course, you will gain experience in designing and building production environments in Amazon Cloud.

NovaMova International Language School is an incredible institution that provided me with a great first study abroad experience during my 10 week stay in Kiev (Kyiv), the capital of Ukraine. My instructors were very good and rather strict, adhering to a serious immersion program that allowed me to expand and improve my Russian language skills very quickly and easily. I can confidently say that a big part of why my summer in Ukraine was so enjoyable and personally rewarding was thanks to the great experience I had at NovaMova. International House Kiev provides several teacher training options.

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