Sochi – Lokomotiv: forecast and bets by Andrey Bodrov


Today we will talk about the BetCity Russian Cup match # 171; Sochi# 187; # 171; Locomotive# 187;. Departure to Sochi for # 171; Lokomotiva# 187; this is a very important stage of the current season. It’s no secret that the derby team has # 171; Spartak# 187;. How to distribute forces and resources so that both matches are victorious? Because in the Russian Cup there are maximum tasks, and in the championship there is a goal to catch up with the leaders and take second place.

Whenever the coach is asked about which tournament will be sacrificed, how the squad will be rotated, there is always some irritation, as the mentor will always answer that all tournaments are important.

But the team is now tense. The Slavs are not used to playing 2-3 times a week, and they have a very important trip to Sochi ahead of them. Flight it is always additional strength. Football players often become exhausted after such trips.

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Of course, Nikolic will think about how to save the team before the match with # 171; Spartak# 187; but also a match against # 171; Sochi# 187; very important. It seems to me that this will affect tactics. Both teams will choose a defensive style of play, they will take their time. They will suffocate each other, but in a sparing mode. They will seek out moments, but they will not run forward and spend all their strength. There will be a balanced and calm match.

When this happens, it is appropriate to wait for the total less than 2.5 goals. This is a good bet for such a match. I would also add victory # 171; Lokomotiva# 187;. I will explain why. It is in Sochi # 171; Locomotive# 187; won the Russian Cup in 2017. Multiple players # 171; Lokomotiva# 187; have a rich experience of performing in the Russian Cup. # 171; Locomotive# 187; this is a cup fighter. He is confident, and that will be important too.

So, the total total of the match is less than 2.5 goals and a victory # 171; Lokomotiva# 187; at regular time.

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