Hungary – Portugal. Forecast by Vadim Skochka

Portugal with its two draws has driven itself into a situation where in the last round they will only be satisfied with a victory. Opponent, sensational Hungarian national team, nothing will suit. Probably Bernd Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. Stork’s team will come out to the game in Lyon with defense in mind – if necessary, the Hungarians have someone to run away to counterattack. I expect that the game will be somewhat similar to the meeting between Austria and Portugal in the second round. One team defends the lion’s share of the playing time, while the other constantly presses and creates chances. If Portugal does not kill at least once this time under such conditions, then it really does not belong to Euro.

This year’s Continental Championship is characterized by intense matches, which mostly end at TM 2.5. In one of the previous predictions for the game with the participation of the Portuguese, I already noted that in qualifying they won extremely modest victories with a small score. Yes, they have Ronaldo, Nani and Quaresma, but at Euro 2016 they are not yet showing the game of the favorite. Although sooner or later a superstar like KriRo should finally break through. The fight with Hungary is a great reason for this.

But I must say a compliment to the defense of the Hungarians led by veteran Gabor Kiray. Only one conceded goal in the tournament and almost exemplary discipline. I’m sure the Portuguese will have to work hard to break the resistance of Bernd Stork’s team.

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